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Transmission 101 - The Do's and Don'ts

While this maybe obvious to many of you, here are a few tips to ensure you don't put unnecessary strain on your transmission:

  • Do scheduled maintenance according to vehicle owner's manual.
  • Do have transmission fluid checked when having oil changed.
  • Do make sure you come to a complete stop before moving gear into first.
  • Do not spin tires on turns with front wheel drive vehicles.
  • Do not change gear ranges from drive to reverse when your vehicle is moving.
  • Do not drive your vehicle when there are transmission problems, this may cause further damage.
  • Do not accelerate aggressively away from a standing start as it puts unnecessary strain on your transmission.
  • Do not drive in 4x4 range on dry pavement unless vehicle is all wheel or automatic 4x4.
  • Do not drive on spare tires or mismatched tire sizes with front wheel or all wheel drive vehicles for extended periods of time.
  • Do not drive a vehicle with low or no transmission fluid.

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