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Electronic fault finding

Our garages have all the necessary equipment to and more importantly the experience and expertise to find all electrical faults within your vehicle. Whether your battery keeps running flat or you're getting no power in your car, we can definitley help you.

There are many electrical components within your vehicle, all of which can contribute to a bad circuit which in turn can run a battery down or short a circuit somewhere, these can all contribute to issues within your vehicle. Here's a list of common faults that you may be experiencing:

  • Battery will not hold a charge for more than a few days
  • Ignition/no-charge warning light remains illuminated with engine running or the warning light fails to come on at all
  • Instrument readings inaccurate or erratic
  • Lights inoperative
  • Horn inoperative, or unsatisfactory in operation
  • Electric windows or wipers not working or working unsatisfactorily
  • Central locking system inoperative

For a breakdown on some of the common causes of the above issues, you can refer to our electric fault faq for more information on this topic.

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