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Brakes check and replace service

A brake malfunction on your vehicle can obviously be a particularily dangerous experience and certainly one no one wants to have. So if you're having an issue with your brakes, whether it's simply the pedal feels tight or you have a brake warning light showing on your dashboard, you should really get it booked in with us right away.

Our garages are also kitted out with the latest equipment to detect issues with your ABS system, so if you're having ABS warning lights showing on your dash we can help to diagnose the exact issue for you.

For your information we've added a couple of help pages which will give you some pointers as to what could be causing your brake problem. These are of course only guidelines and we strongly recommend if you are having any issues with your brakes you get it booked in with us immediatly so that one of our professional technicians can fix them for you.

Here are some brake help topics:

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